Climate Change Risk Management: We support the private and public sectors to identify all present and future risks and challenges posed by climate change. We are cognizant of the fact that climate change will alter economic, environmental and social factors affecting livelihoods for communities and businesses for SMEs and other private sector players

Flood Risk Assessments: “A stitch in time saves nine”. Flood risk assessment provides important information and prepares communities to be in a stronger position when extreme weather events happen. We work with partners to cushion communities and minimize threat to livelihoods in the occurrence of such events

Partnerships: We strengthen public-private partnerships to expand and strengthen sustainable climate change innovations. We work with communities as key partners in tackling climate change

Climate Smart Resource Use/ Resource Efficiency in Production: We support production and supply chains to minimize the impacts of waste, water, energy and transport use.

Environmental Project Management: We acknowledge the diversity of stakeholders with interest in supporting environmental initiatives but that may not have time and expertise to implement such projects. We manage/ implement environmental projects on behalf of/ in partnership with government entities, the corporate sector, and development partners.

Piloting, Testing, and Scaling Up Innovations in Climate Smart Agriculture: The hub has a network of experts in agricultural value chain “from farm to fork”. We support pilot testing and scale-up of innovations in climate-smart agriculture.

Research for Advocacy and Policy Engagements: We support research for evidence-based programs and policies in climate change, adaptation, and mitigation.