Supporting Rural Communities in Production and Use of Clean Energy

Use-of-Clean-Energy-in-Rural-Communities-bIf a fuelwood or a charcoal user switches to biogas, the effects on environment and human health are immediate: no more tree logging or combustion of available organic matter, no transport of heavy wood bundles, no smoke/indoor air pollution in kitchens, less need for mineral fertilizer, better sanitation and hygiene.

Benefits of biogas digesters include: Odor Reduction; Green Energy Production; Greenhouse Gas Reduction; Pathogen Reduction

Use of clean energy at the individual and community level can only be sustainably achieved when the benefit for the individual is great enough for it to make the necessary effort to get access to it. Our biogas generation initiatives are designed to empower people, make them independent, let them gain faith in their own capability of solving their energy struggle with their own means, and eventually facilitate feelings of dignity and pride.